Core Team Junior Developer (NYC)


  • Working closely with senior staff to:
    • Automate and improve existing production trading systems
    • Create and innovate core infrastructure
    • Gather, clean, store, and analyze large-scale data sets
  • Maintain and support numerous production-critical services
  • Being hands-on in the process of creating new trading strategies. This includes identifying opportunities, researching/testing the validity of these opportunities, and building the necessary infrastructure for a strategy to enter production.

Ideal Candidate Traits:

  • Familiarity with the technologies we use across our tech stack (Pandas, Numpy, MySQL, C++, Linux).
  • Enjoys researching, learning, and using new technologies to improve efficiency
  • Able to take initiative and wear a lot of hats – we are a start-up environment and do not have the manpower (or desire) to assign each task. You are encouraged to ask for the resources, mentorship, and direction you need to build things and solve problems, and expected to focus where you can maximize your value to the team. As you demonstrate proficiency, your responsibilities and role will grow.
  • Comfortable working in fast-paced situations on a 8-12 person team of extremely bright, sometimes intense professionals.

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